Mandi is a Polestar Pilates Teacher and Mentor, a Pilates Method Alliance Certified teacher, an EYT Certified Yoga teacher, and a level 1 Franklin Method Educator.

It is Mandi’s passion and mission to bring a more scientific based alignment paradigm to the yoga community with a specific intention to increase joint longevity. Mandi is inspired by the human form and how resilient we are. Her mission is to replace western culture’s epidemic of self doubt with reverence and awe for oneself.

In 2004, Mandi attended her first Ashtanga Yoga teacher training with Kathy McNames of Yoga Vermont. She has also studied with David Swenson and Baron Baptiste and is a 500 hour certified Baptiste teacher. Additionally, Mandi has studied with Sofi Dillof, a master Jivamukti teacher, Linda Ruth Spitzfaden in Transcendental Meditation, author of Anatomy Trains Tom Myers, and Somanaut (explorer of inner space) Gil Hedley.

In the Polestar Pilates family, Mandi has studied with Bob Schroedter, Brent Anderson, Lize Stoltz, Amy Broekemeier, Carol Davis, Helen Mason, and Shelly Power. Mandi is trained in the Franklin Method pedagogy studying with Eric Franklin and Morten Dithmer.